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NHSD Parents Invited to Digital Boot Camp Series

North Hills School District to present a monthly Saturday morning Digital Boot Camp for Parents series. A total of eight sessions will be help through April and seek to educate middle school and high school parents on best practices for digital citizenship. The monthly programs will be held at the CCAC North Campus in Room 3002. Space is limited! Digital Boot Camp for Parents Series Schedule · Digital Etiquette – Oct. 22 - Covers the nuts and bolts of digital rights and responsibilities. The goal of this session is to lay the groundwork for the series and establish a digital etiquette standard in accordance with professional expectations and those of the local school districts. As summarized by the Digital Citizenship Institute: “It is not enough to create rules and policy, we must teach everyone to become responsible citizens in this society.” · Digital Privacy – Nov. 12 - Whether it is texting, emailing, or using social media, connecting with friends digitally is a frequent part of our students’ daily lives. These perpetual connections can be both beneficial and damaging. Part of our Digital Boot Camp for Parents series, this session will provide parents with information about cyberbullying, protecting your child’s digital footprint, and avoiding Internet predators. · Digital Identity – Jan. 21 - Online applications for athletics, college admissions, and financial aid, contain highly sensitive information. Protecting your digital identity is essential. Part of our Digital Boot Camp for Parents series, this session will cover the nuts and bolts of keeping your student’s future safe. · Talking About Technology With Your Student – Feb. 25 - Technology and the Internet are powerful tools, talking to your student about them is vital in raising a knowledgeable digital citizen. Learn essential topics and ways to initiate this conversation. Part of our Digital Boot Camp for Parents series, this session will also cover digital health and wellness issues, like Internet addiction. ·

Date & Time

2nd Saturday

Oct 22, 2016 through Apr 22, 2017

8:30AM - 10:00AM

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