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Handicapable Square Dancing

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We are beginning our ninth season of handicapable square dancing. We are a small group and we are growing and interesting more dancers. Our students seem to really enjoy themselves and make great progress. We offer an opportunity for socialization and exercise with an improvement in listening skills, all while having fun, This is a progressive program of instruction. Each week builds on the previous lesson.


18 years of age or older


Desire to learn and have fun

Handicapable Square Dancing is a national organization supported by the USDA Handicapable Program, Callerlab, and the US Handicapable Square Dance Association.

Our volunteers have been faithful in assisting each week and enjoy working with our students. Our instructor is a retired schoolteacher and an assistant instructor also attends each week so that the students are familiar with them.

Volunteers are a necessary part of this program and we request that the caregiver participate in the square dance program.

To register, please contact: Marti or Gary Beatty

Cell Phone: 412-915-8486 Home Phone: 724-443-2616


Schedule will be sent after you register.