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Lifeguard training classes in Cranberry begin April 8

Certified lifeguards are in huge demand throughout Western Pennsylvania. Public pools can’t operate without them. To help meet the need, Cranberry’s Parks & Recreation Department is offering an American Red Cross Lifeguarding course in partnership with Alcoa’s Kwaneer plant in Cranberry Business Park. To qualify for the class, prospective lifeguards must be at least 15 years old and have excellent swimming skills including being able to swim nonstop for 300 yards, tread water for two minutes using only their legs, and completing a timed event. The lifeguarding class fee is $150. However, once the individual completes the class and works a full season at Cranberry Waterpark, $100 of that will be refunded at the conclusion of that season. Red Cross lifeguard certification is good for any public pool, and certification follows the individual, qualifying them to work anywhere. The lifeguarding classes are set for April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17. 5-9 on Fridays and 9-5 on Saturday and Sundays. Classes will be held at the Township Municipal Center and Kwaneer indoor pool, in Cranberry Township. Attendance at all class sessions is required for certification. Interested individuals are invited to contact Valerie Murphy of Cranberry’s Parks & Recreation Department for more information at 724-779-4386.

Date & Time

2nd Thursday , Friday an, and Saturday

Apr 08, 2016 through Apr 16, 2016


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