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Presented by the Fox Chapel Area Branch of the American Association of University Women

Janet Stewart chose the path less travelled, and her heart led her to Rwanda. Hers is a story of one woman’s journey to use her professional skills and personal courage to contribute to a healthcare system where one doctor serves 50,000 patients and 10 percent of children never make it to their 5th birthday. She’ll share her experiences of helping to expand nursing care in the city of Kibogora, a 5-hour drive from Rwanda’s capital of Kilgali, in a country of breathtaking landscapes and brutal civil unrest. After years of caring for children with cancer and teaching those skills to others at the University of Pittsburgh, Janet Stewart, RN, PhD, volunteered for a stint in Africa. A one-year commitment turned into two, and her time in Rwanda – as her audience will attest – became life-changing for all. She recently returned from a visit to Kibogora, where she participated in a very special celebration. Join us on January 12 as Janet shares her tale of adventure and achievement but also challenges us with the hard questions she came to ask herself along the way regarding how aid work is managed and delivered in developing countries. The public is welcome to attend this free AAUW-sponsored presentation. AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, philanthropy, education, and research.

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January 12, 2016


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