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Dark Sky, Mid-Autumn Star Party

Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh

See large clusters of stars, beautiful colored double stars, visit the craters of the moon and view the planets Uranus and Neptune. It’s all part of the show during Dark Sky, Mid-Autumn Star Party sponsored by the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh. It is the last scheduled public event for 2015 at Wagman Observatory. This is an opportunity for amateur astronomers, students and the general public to observe the wonders autumn skies including the Moon four days before New Moon, The Great Hercules Star Cluster, the Andromeda Galaxy and Double Cluster in Perseus in the telescopes at the Observatory. Did you get a new telescope recently and don't know how to use it? Bring it along and members of the AAAP will help! Looking to buy a telescope, accessories, star charts and books? Wagman Observatory is the place to start. We'll have free handouts, guides and booklets to point visitors in the right direction. The Star Parties will be held WEATHER PERMITTING. Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory, Deer Lakes Regional Park, Frazer Township, Pa., near the village of Russellton in northeastern Allegheny County and some 18 miles from Pittsburgh.

Date & Time

November 7, 2015


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