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North Hills Monthly

Spend A Day in the Sushi Kitchen

Want to impress friends or family, or have you just always wanted to learn to make sushi? Come join one of our chefs in a fun and informative hands-on sushi and sashimi workshop! Participants have the opportunity to learn about the key products involved in sushi preparation, how to properly prepare and dress sushi rice, and how to handle and prepare fish and several other toppings and fillings for sushi. Participants will prepare and taste a variety of sushi and related products such as: - Sashimi - Nigirizushi, oshizushi, chirashizushi - Makizushi including: uramaki, hosomaki, futomaki, temaki In addition to having several items prepared yourself to take home, you will receive a sushi mat, sushi-su (rice dressing), and a recipe and technique booklet to practice your newly acquired sushi-making skills at home! This is a great course for couples and friends looking to enjoy a night out together while experiencing something new. This course requires no previous kitchen or cooking experience. Due to the nature of this course and the work performed in our professional kitchen, participants must wear long pants, long sleeves, and flat closed-toe shoes. The actual course length is approximate and will vary with the number of participants and others factors. This course is suitable for ages 14+.