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Rare, Old Books – Characteristics, Collectability, and Value

Free Seminar Open to the Public

We’ve all been faced with the realities of what to do with books. Most of the time we’re confronted with our own books, but sometimes we have to deal with the books acquired over a lifetime by a loved one--whether it’s mom or dad, another family member or friend. While local public libraries frequently accept books and make them available for their book sales, sometimes people may want to consider another route. This presentation will provide insight on what makes a book rare or collectible, why some old books are valuable, and what resources are available to provide assistance in decision making. The presenter will bring examples from his own collection of books for discussion and those in attendance may do likewise. Speaker: Michael J. Dabrishus, Assistant University Librarian, University of Pittsburgh
Date & Time
  • February 24, 2015
  • 11:00AM
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