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Can Games and School Mix?

Fox Chaple Area Branch AAUW

Could gaming help keep kids from dropping out of school? It’s worth a try! believes Nikki Navta, founder of the innovative new video software company Zulama. Re-engaging students who are turned off by school is just one of her objectives in developing video games that also deliver quantifiable educational outcomes. With a background in both mathematics and fine arts, as well as years of experience working with textbook publishers, Nikki recognized the need – and a terrific opportunity – to propel traditional learning materials into the digital age. Developed with the help of faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, Ms. Navta’s programs mix lessons in science, technology, engineering and mathematics with a healthy dose of fun. Her video games for middle and high school students represent an energizing blend of both technology and creativity, resulting in new skill sets requiring collaboration, critical thinking, oral and written communication, and creative expression. Join us for this dynamic and interactive presentation, in which audience members will be encouraged to become students again. Come prepared to LEARN, but don’t expect a classroom anything like the one you remember! The public is welcome to attend this AAUW-sponsored presentation, and the program is free. AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, philanthropy, education, and research.

Date & Time

November 11, 2014


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(412) 826-0626


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