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Kathy Parry - Your Real Food Coach

The topic for the evening is: “LEARN YOUR ABC's & Omega 3s of Supplements" Kathy Parry is passionate about food, real food. She helps others understand what real, whole foods are and how they affect our health and vitality. She has degrees in Business and Food Management, and is a vibrant and engaging speaker. In discussing supplements, Kathy will advise the status of the typical American Diet. You will learn what foods most people are deficient in and what to do to optimize your health. Kathy will talk about the most popular supplements and how they benefit specific areas and functions in your body … AND ... which supplements are a complete waste of money! If you have ever questioned if you should be supplementing your diet, and if so with what, this program is for you!

Date & Time

October 7, 2014


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(724) 776-1357


Health & Wellness