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The Red Planet; a sparkling, silver sliver; and a total lunar eclipse are among the astronomy marvels that stargazers can expect to see at Carnegie Science Center’s January SkyWatch events. SkyWatch will offer a prime view of Mars and a waxing crescent Moon on Sat., Jan. 12 at 7 and 9 pm, as well as a stellar spot to check out a rare total lunar eclipse on Sun., Jan. 20 at 9 pm.

Travel through the evening’s changing skies from the comfort of Buhl Planetarium, and then head up to the observatory deck, if the weather allows, for hands-on exploration with our astronomy experts. 

The SkyWatch on Sun., Jan. 20 is especially noteworthy, as the Moon will be a Super Blood Wolf Moon, and a total lunar eclipse will occur. Here’s what that means 

 Supermoon – The full Moon will be at its closest point of orbit to the Earth, also known as the perigee. The Moon will appear brighter and bigger than usual.

• Blood Moon – When the Moon is fully eclipsed, it turns a reddish hue due to sunlight scattered by the Earth’s atmosphere.

• Wolf Moon – The first full Moon of January is dubbed the Wolf Moon. 

• Total lunar eclipse – A total lunar eclipse occurs during a Full Moon when the entire Moon passes through Earth’s inner shadow.

Our astronomy experts will kick off the event at 9 pm with educational programming inside Buhl Planetarium before heading outside for the night sky action. At 10:33 pm, the umbra of the shadow of the Earth will begin to fall upon the face of the Moon. This darkest part of the shadow will continue to spread across the Moon until it is fully covered, or in totality, by 11:41 pm. At 12:43 am, the shadow will begin to slowly leave the face of the Moon. SkyWatch will wrap up around 1:50 am, when the sequence runs in reverse until the umbra is no longer visible.

You won’t see another total lunar eclipse in eastern North America until 2022.

Date & Time

3rd Sunday an and Saturday

Jan 12, 2019 through Jan 20, 2019


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$2 members, $4 plus general admission

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