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North Hills Monthly

Spring Bird Watching Adventures

Led by National Aviary Ornithologist

New guided day trips led by National Aviary ornithologist Robert Mulvihill will give participants the chance to see and learn about wild birds that winter, nest or pass through western Pennsylvania. Appropriate for all ages, the trips provide a wonderful opportunity to visit areas known to be excellent hot spots for viewing many stunning and beautiful species of wild birds. The National Aviary will offer the Wonderful Waterfowl trip on March 17. Stops will include Lake Arthur and Conneaut Marsh, where participants will see hundreds of waterfowl including ducks, grebes, loons, geese and swans at resting and feeding sites; Bald Eagle and Sandhill Crane sightings are also likely. Space is limited. To register call Audrey Beichner at 412-258-9463 or email All ages welcome. 2018 has been designation the Year of the Bird by the National Geographic Society, in recognition of the centennial of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a key bird-protection law. The National Aviary is proud to join National Geographic and other bird and wildlife organizations in celebrating birds, and encouraging learning and action to protect wild bird species and their habitats. Learn more at

Date & Time

March 17, 2018

8:00AM - 4:00PM

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$95 nonmembers /$85 members

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