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Beaver Valley Artists

Colin Richards will be the guest artist at the March 8, 2018 meeting of the Beaver Valley Artists. Colin has been creative since he was young, and spent an enormous amount of time drawing. When he was in grade school, he created his own board games and comics. After attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he continued to refine his skills through the independent study of art while entering contests and taking private commissions. Recently he made the switch to freelancing. He lives in Mars with his wife and guinea pigs. Colin has his own website and an Etsy store as well as a presence on Instagram and Facebook. He is on the board of the Cranberry Artists Network. Colin’s Etsy site gives this insight into his work: “When I was a little kid I would stay up way late on Friday and Saturday nights watching any crazy old horror movie I could find. I dreamed about Godzilla fighting the Giant Claw, or Jason Voorhees battling Martians. I collected Tomb of Dracula comics and read Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft. I bought Star Wars figures by the bucket load. I drew constantly, trying to show my passion for these genres on paper. Luckily, when I grew up, that little kid never did. I still stay up late watching Italian Hercules movies or Hammer Horror titles. I still read Conan and Cthulhu and Creepy and Eerie. I am still creating art, and that is the best part. Now I get to share my loves with the world. “

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March 8, 2018


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