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Horseshoe club to start up in Cranberry

What good are horseshoes without a horse? In Cranberry Township’s new SportCourts area of Graham Park, pitching them 40-feet onto steel stakes makes for a fast-growing competitive game. And now it’s about to get organized. Cranberry’s Parks & Recreation Department is seeking individuals of any age who are interested in horseshoe pitching to form the Cranberry Township Horseshoe Club. Its members will help to set the frequency of competitive events, groom the courts, set schedules, and form a league with other horseshoe clubs in the region. An initial organizational meeting will be held at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, November 15 in the Township’s Municipal Center. Anyone interested in advancing the sport locally is welcome. If attending the startup meeting is a problem, potential members are invited to call Cranberry Recreation Program Manager Dave Hutner at 724-779-4386, ext. 1021 to discuss the organization. As it develops, the Club will play a major role in shaping the direction and popularity of horseshoes in Cranberry. There is no fee to either belong to the club or to participate in pitching.

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November 15, 2017


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