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North Hills Monthly

Northland Library July events

Part 2

BASIC SURVIVAL SKILLS Join the Allegheny County Park Rangers at North Park’s Iowa shelter to learn about basic survival skills in the forest. Learn how to plan and prepare before you go, how to start an emergency fire, methods of water filtration and what to do if you become lost. Please meet at Iowa shelter in North Park. Registration is required for this adult program and will open on June 15. Please register on the Allegheny County Parks website. Fee: $7.00 (Resident) or $9.00 (Non-Resident) INDIAN COOKING CLASS: HALWA Our favorite Indian cook, Ann Manchella, will demonstrate the preparation of another tasty vegetarian food from India Halwa is a traditional dish made in India and many other countries. Watch her preparation and taste a generous sample. Copies of the recipe will be available for you to take home to try it for yourself. Registration is required. FREE SPEECH AND FREE EXPRESSION: WHAT YOU CAN SAY, PAINT, WEAR AND DISPLAY – AND NOT These guarantees, enshrined in our Constitution, form the foundation of a vibrant democracy. Without these rights, other fundamental rights would wither away. The fight to protect these rights has been at the core of the ACLU’s mission since the organization was founded in 1920. The organization’s work quickly spread to combating censorship, securing the right to assembly, and promoting free speech in schools. AUTISM: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Join us on Thursday, August 3 at 7 p.m. for a multidisciplinary symposium on the many factors involved in the management of Autism Spectrum Disorders. How can control be achieved? And how does mitochondria, genetics, and even your spine influence behavior? Registration is required.

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1st Sunday an, Monday an, and Thursday

Jul 23, 2017 through Aug 03, 2017

9:00AM - 9:00PM

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