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North Hills Monthly

Kids Karate Class

ages 8-12

Looking for an exciting activity for the family? Along with adult classes, the Yoseikan Karate Dojo now offers children ages 8-12 a fun, physical and challenging learning experience. Students will have the opportunity to learn traditional martial arts and basic self-defense training and awareness in a safe and encouraging environment. Classes focus on interactive exercises and drills that encourage concentration, discipline and overall coordination for all skill levels to help students improve in the martial arts as well as other sports activities. · Develop self-confidence, respect and discipline · Improve concentration and focus · Learn about teamwork and responsibility · Develop physical strength, balance, coordination and flexibility · Learn about history, culture and martial arts traditions By discovering and enjoying the many benefits of martial arts training, our goal is to help young students build a solid foundation for life-long health and fitness.

Date & Time

Wee ly on Wed

Nov 02, 2016 through Dec 28, 2016

6:00PM - 7:00PM

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