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21Voices: A rock Symphony to Benefit Alzheimer's

21Voices: A Rock Symphony, is a multi-media event combining world-class symphonic musicianship with classic rock n’ roll and a unique cinema experience to take the audience on a journey down musical memory lane. Through the power and scope of the arts, renowned conductor/composer Kyle Simpson, whose original compositions have been performed around the globe has joined forces with the multi-talented Pittsburgh raised filmmaker/musician/actor Tom Kurlander to shine a light on the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. “A Rock Symphony” kicks off fundraising efforts for 21Voices, which aims to drive awareness, understanding and compassion to serious social and health issues like Alzheimer’s disease through the power and scope of film, music, art and media. Funds will go directly to the production of 21Voices: Touched by Alzheimer’s, a ground-breaking documentary that will feature twenty-one interviewees, each chosen for their distinct purview and experience with Alzheimer’s and dementia, including patients, families, caretakers, first responders and researchers. 21Voices co-founder and veteran entertainer, Tom Kurlander, remembers the devastating toll Alzheimer’s took on his mother and he vowed to give a voice to the powerless effects this disease has on those afflicted, their loved ones and the strain on our societal resources. Alzheimer’s robs people memory by memory, but music memories are often the last to fade, so Kurlander teamed up with Pittsburgh composer, Kyle Simpson, to create “A Rock Symphony”. This unique event will take the audience on a journey down musical memory lane where classical meets rock n’ roll in a live music performance and motion picture experience.

Date & Time

November 12, 2016


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$45 for adults, $10 for students

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