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A Tale of Three Resorts: Finding the Right Place for Your Stay in Puerto Vallarta

By Vanessa Orr, May 01, 2017, Categories: Travel, Today

As a travel writer, I get to stay in a lot of nice places.

Escape the ‘Burgh for Some Outdoor Adventure

By Vanessa Orr, Apr 02, 2017, Categories: Travel, Today

Spring is finally here, which means that it’s time to get outside!

Following Harriet Tubman’s Legacy along Maryland’s Eastern Shore

By Vanessa Orr, Mar 01, 2017, Categories: Travel, Today

Araminta Ross, or “Minty” as she was known, was born into slavery in 1822 in Dorchester County, MD.

Romance, History at Heart of Heidelberg’s Charm

By Vanessa Orr, Jan 30, 2017, Categories: Travel

Young love will always find a way, which is how the Student’s Kiss, created in Heidelberg, Germany, came to be.

Flying and Fighting Zombies in Valley Forge, PA

By Vanessa Orr, Jan 01, 2017, Categories: Travel

Holding my laser machine gun at the ready, I slowly rounded the corner of the dingy shower room, trying to spot the crazed toys and creepy zombies that I knew were lying in wait.

The Laid-back Life: Visiting San Luis Obispo County, CA

By Vanessa Orr, Dec 01, 2016, Categories: Travel

There are a lot of cool places to visit in California, but Morro Bay, located in San Luis Obispo County, is one where I could see myself living.

German Fairy Tale Route Makes for a Magical Trip

By Vanessa Orr, Nov 01, 2016, Categories: Travel

I got my own taste of feeling like royalty during my stay in Sababurg, where you can actually sleep in a castle built in 1490.

Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion Showcase a World of History

By Vanessa Orr, Oct 01, 2016, Categories: Travel, Today

On a lightly forested lot in Boalsburg, PA, sits a chapel made of stone.

Wandering the Endless Mountains of Northeastern PA

By Vanessa Orr, Aug 31, 2016, Categories: Travel, Today

One of the most exciting things about traveling to a new place is coming upon something completely unexpected.

Southern Maryland Provides A Unique View of Maritime History

By Vanessa Orr, Jul 31, 2016, Categories: Travel

Why anyone would let me fly an F-14 Tomcat is beyond me, but there I was, strapped into the seat and cruising down the runway.






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