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How is the Pittsburgh Technology Council Taking the City to the Next Level?

Pittsburgh is a hub of technology, with countless tech-related companies setting up shop in the region.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open: How Do You Discuss Technology with Teens?

The concept of maintaining a positive online reputation remains a major concern.

Holiday Shopping: Some hAPPy Solutions to Gift Buying Woes

An array of apps can help shoppers find nifty items, search for the best deals and even avoid the crowds altogether.

Academic hAPPiness 101: Best Apps for School Success

As August turns to September, kids and parents start to feel that back-to-school energy.

High-Tech Help for Dining

Dining out is supposed to be a treat.

Japanese Pop Culture Convention TEKKO Comes to Town

There are anime conventions and then there’s TEKKO.

Sustainable hAPPiness: Apps to Help You Go Eco-friendly

I grew up in a suburb of Seattle, wore Birkenstocks throughout high school, and fully embraced my tree-hugging, granola-loving culture.

TechShop Provides Equipment, Instruction to Budding ‘Makers’

From 3D printing to textile work to jewelry making and more, TechShop, based in Bakery Square in East Liberty, is a treasure in a STEM-focused world.

Seshan Brothers Receive Provisional Patent for Recycling Process

Battery recycling is a common practice in most other countries, but in the United States, 90 percent of all batteries will end up in a landfill.

Take the Worry Out of Backing Up Files with CrashPlan

CrashPlan by Code42 is an automatic data backup application that takes away the worry of storing and securing all of your files on your computer.










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