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Building Hope for Struggling Pet Owners

By North Hills Monthly magazine, Jul 03, 2017, Categories: Pets, Advertisers

The Howard Ash Animal Wellness Center, with a grand opening on July 15, is designed to become a life-changing and lifesaving destination for hundreds of thousands of animals—and the people who love them.

Pet ‘n Play Festival Fun for Animals and their Owners

By Vanessa Orr, Jul 01, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets, Advertisers

On Sunday, June 11, pets and their people came out to Hartwood Acres to take part in Pet ‘n Play.

Vaccines 101

By North Hills Monthly magazine, Jun 01, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets

Most people know that their pets should be vaccinated, but do they know what these vaccines actually protect against?

Animals Profit from Foundation Donations

By Shari Berg, Jun 01, 2017, Categories: Pets

Pet lovers are used to being asked questions like, “Did you find everything OK?” and “Do you have a rewards card?” at the checkout line in pet stores.

House Pets, Shelter Animals Helped Through Spaying/Neutering Programs

By Shari Berg, Jun 01, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets

Spring is kitten and puppy season, and it can be hard to resist those tiny balls of fur.

Patients, Students, Staff and More Appreciate the Healing Powers of Therapy Pets

By Shelly Tower Rushe, Jun 01, 2017, Categories: Health+Wellness, Today, Pets

The Therapets program is open to dogs, cats, rabbits and their human partners. Dogs have a specific training schedule and requirements.

May is 31 Days of Compassion at Animal Friends

By North Hills Monthly magazine, May 01, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets

At Animal Friends, every day is full of compassion.

Spring Pet Fest Fun for Kids and Animals

By Shelly Tower Rushe, May 01, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets, Advertisers

Head to Cranberry Holistic Pet Care’s Spring Pet Fest on Saturday, May 20 from noon to 4 p.m. and help some shelter animals at the same time.

Time is Tick-ing Away – Is Your Pet Protected Against Lyme Disease?

By North Hills Monthly magazine, Apr 02, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets

April is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and with the warm weather just around the corner, Animal Friends wants to be sure you have everything you need to protect your pets.

Why Your Indoor Cat Needs Vaccines and a Microchip

By North Hills Monthly magazine, Mar 03, 2017, Categories: Today, Pets

Many states, including Pennsylvania, have laws that require all dogs and cats to be current on their rabies vaccinations.

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