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Why Bugs?

Last week during some roof repairs, the roofers spent an entire day invading the space of the hornets and wasps, even knocking down their hives with bare hands, and were not once stung.

Is Flood Insurance Right for You?

Splashing around in the ocean on a hot summer day, jumping in puddles and sipping an icy cold glass of H20 are some of the best ways to enjoy water.

Leaking Basements and Shifting Foundations Need Professional Solutions

It’s been a rainy summer, which means that it’s been a pretty busy time for basement waterproofing companies.

Why Air?

Venetian air is unlike any other; the most serene washed in the soft, warm glow of a setting sun, turning mystical under moonlight.

Master Gardeners Share Knowledge, Love of Plants at Demonstration Garden

North Hills’ gardeners have a wonderful resource located practically in their backyard.

Vicary Mansion Showcases History, Architecture

Beaver County’s Vicary Mansion is a portal into the area’s history and provides visitors the opportunity to take a step back in time to behold its anachronistic, Federal architectural style.

Local Travelers Find A Lot to Like with Airbnb

Just as Uber has changed the transportation industry, Airbnb has changed the hotel industry.

Why Color?

Why are roses red and violets blue? Would not the fragrance from a bouquet of white roses be just as pleasant?

Wexford Garden and Pond Tour Showcases Landscapes, Supports Nonprofit

From koi ponds to majestic gardens and fairy houses, this year’s Wexford Garden and Pond Tour offers a bit of everything for gardening and nature enthusiasts alike.

Keypads on Doors Opening Up New Way of Thinking

One of the houses I have been renovating had new exterior doors installed last week.








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