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Schools Gearing Up to Provide Training for Marcellus Shale Jobs

Dec 30, 2014 ● By Hilary Daninhirsch

Though the industry has its opponents, one thing is certain: Marcellus shale is not going away anytime soon.

Local Skin Care Company Recognized in Martha Stewart Contest

Dec 30, 2014 ● By Hilary Daninhirsch

For years, self-described chemistry geek and North Hills’ resident Jessica Graves has been formulating all kinds of beauty and skin products for her family and friends.

Traveling Back in Time Along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

Dec 30, 2014 ● By Vanessa Orr

One of the coolest things about taking a road trip is that often, you don’t have to go very far to find yourself in a completely different place.

Neighborhood Candy Stores Cater to People of All Ages

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Hilary Daninhirsch

Candy. Is there any food in the world that is more universally loved by both children and adults?

In This Issue, Dec. 2014

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Kelly Pernell

Shady Side Academy, gift ideas for the holidays and much more!

Recycled Ink Cartridges Help Feed Needy Families

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Jill Cueni Cohen

Each year, more than 350 million ink and toner cartridges end up in landfills. Chris Heibert has found a better way to reuse these throwaways by turning them into food for needy families.

From Mat to Mission: NA Wrestlers Lend a Hand at Light of Life

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Veronica Tucker

On Sunday, Nov. 9, a group of young wrestlers left the gym and worked as a team in another way—preparing and serving dinner to those visiting the Light of Life Mission.

How Does Adoption Connection PA Help Build Local Families?

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Jack Etzel

What gift can you give and receive at the same time? The answer is to become a parent of a child who needs you.

Has January 1 Always Been New Year’s Day?

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Charles Reichblum

Surprisingly, January 1 has not always been the date for New Year’s in America.

Gifts for the Gardener

Dec 01, 2014 ● By Denise Schreiber

It is that time of year again, when we are checking our lists and then checking them twice for gifts that we know will be appreciated.

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