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Food Trucks Provide Fresh Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Fare

Attending an outdoor wedding this year? Don’t be surprised if burgers, pizza and donuts are on the menu, as more couples choose food trucks to cater their receptions.

Local Chocolatiers Create Sweet Pieces of Art

Life is about being happy. And chocolate makes most people very happy.

APPchieving Your Fitness Goals in 2018

If your New Year’s fitness resolutions are a distant memory because you lost momentum somewhere around January 4, take heart—it’s not too late for a reboot.

Teamwork and Chemistry Key to Competitive Dance

It takes two to tango, but it takes a whole team to win a dance competition.

Not Your Average Athlete: How Specialized Performance Training Supports Success

Not every athlete can be Le’Veon Bell or Simone Biles, but even high school athletes and weekend warriors want to compete at their best.

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open: How Do You Discuss Technology with Teens?

The concept of maintaining a positive online reputation remains a major concern.

Ananias Mission Provides Hope and Homes for Syrian Refugees

Ed Wethli is a reluctant hero. He never started out trying to save the world, and he does not see himself as the knight-in-shining-armor type.

Students Designing Device to Help Trumpeter Continue to Play

The success–and sometimes failure–of the engineering design process is not a new experience for students in the Engineering Design course at Hampton High School.

Escape to Jamaica in January (or Any Winter Month)

Let’s face it; it doesn’t matter how much you love Pittsburgh, getting to escape for a week to a beach in Jamaica in the middle of January is still a wondrous thing.

Rock Steady Program Helps Those with Parkinson’s Punch Back

Three years ago, 72-year-old Rich Hughes walked with a cane and struggled to maintain proper balance.

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