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In This Issue December 2019

Nov 30, 2019 11:13AM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

Rescued Australian cattle dogs Bo and Desoto playing at Healthy Pet Products. Photo by Dena Koenig Photography

The walk-in freezer at Healthy Pet Products North Hills location Photo by Dena Koenig Photography

Customers Rely on Healthy Pet Products for Education, Expertise

For many of us, our pets are members of the family, so it’s important to make sure that they stay happy and healthy. Read More » 


Service Dogs Provide Healing Support to Children and Vets

Service Dogs Provide Healing, Support to Children and Vets

The best medicine that Dustin Schneider was ever prescribed did not come in the form of a pill. Rather, it is his service dog, a German Shepherd named Spangle, that has been his lifeline. Read More » 


Children and horses heal together at Ready Yourselves Youth Ranch

Ready Yourselves Youth Ranch Provides Life-changing Experiences for Kids, Horses

The Ready Yourselves Youth Ranch (RYYR), located on a 50-acre farm in Beaver County, believes in the healing power that comes from children connecting with horses. Read More » 


Cats taken from the Washington County neglect situation Photo courtesy Humane Animal Rescue

Mass Influx of Animals Requires All Hands on Deck at Local Shelters

Last year, more than 2,600 stray, abandoned or surrendered animals arrived at Animal Friends, and 8,000 arrived at Humane Animal Rescue needing a safe, secure place to stay, medical care,... Read More » 


Presley enjoying the airports new sensory room

Presley’s Place at Pittsburgh Airport Provides Safe Space for those with Sensory Issues

When Jason Rudge saw how his son Presley, who is autistic, benefited greatly from a sensory room at his preschool readiness program, he realized that the airport would also be a good loca... Read More » 


Beverlys Birthdays Celebrates Every Childs Special Day

Beverly’s Birthdays Celebrates Every Child’s Special Day

Every child deserves to be celebrated on his or her birthday. But for many children living in poverty or experiencing homelessness, this is not a reality. Read More » 


Stop Breathe  Think app

‘Tis the Season for Sanity-saving Holiday Hack Apps

While it may be the most wonderful time of the year, surviving the holidays with one’s sanity intact sometimes requires a little assistance. Read More » 


Photo courtesy Inspired Women

Nonprofits Benefit from Collective Impact of Giving Circles

Giving circles have become a popular method for people to join forces to provide more resources for nonprofits and those in need. Read More » 


Photo courtesy Mission Mahi

Food Trucks Nourishing Community along with Customers

Tacos, hotdogs, cookies, ice cream and coffee drinks of all sorts. Food trucks have popped up all over the region, but some offer more than tantalizing food and drinks—they offer hope for... Read More » 


At the Running Reindeer Ranch visitors can have an interactive animal experience

Walk with Reindeer, Revel Under the Northern Lights in Fairbanks, AK

We all know that traditional holiday tale: every year on Christmas Eve, Santa and his reindeer travel from the North Pole, bringing gifts to those who have been good. Read More » 


Photo courtesy Amazon Prime

Grocery Pick-up and Delivery Services Offer Convenience during Holidays and Year-round

Tracy Fraser is a busy person. The oncologist works full-time, and she and her husband have two young daughters. Read More » 


The Lyft Grocery Access Program launch

Lyft and Local Partners Providing Grocery Access in Food Deserts

Not everyone has access to a local grocery store, nor the resources to take advantage of grocery delivery services. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of La Roche

Voluntourism a Positive Way to Spend Vacation Time

The word “vacation” might conjure up visions of warm, sunny beaches or slopes of pristine snow. For others it might mean cities with several museums and art galleries or endless shopping. Read More » 


Darn Yarn Needles  Thread

Local Yarn Shops Provide Crafters with Sense of Community

Working with yarn is nothing new—knitted items found in Egypt date from between the 11th and 14th centuries AD, according to Read More » 


Harmonix  Beatz perform at In Tune with the Arts Studio

A Cappella Groups’ Goal to Connect Intimately with Audiences

If you’ve ever found yourself saying “Aca-Believe It” or “Aca-Scuse Me,” there’s a good chance you’re a fan of the Pitch Perfect trilogy of movies. Read More »