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Lyft and Local Partners Providing Grocery Access in Food Deserts

Nov 29, 2019 12:56PM ● By Kathleen Ganster

The Lyft Grocery Access Program launch

Not everyone has access to a local grocery store, nor the resources to take advantage of grocery delivery services. Lyft has partnered with the City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority, Allegheny County Housing Authority and 412 Food Rescue with the goal of providing Pittsburghers who live in areas designated as “food deserts” with access to fresh, health grocery options.

“Here in Pittsburgh, food deserts and a lack of access to full-service grocery stores and fresh, healthy food options is a reality for many families,” explained Josh Huber, general manager, Lyft Pennsylvania. “With the Grocery Access Program, we are able to help face that challenge by alleviating the transportation barrier. Lyft is dedicated to being a public company invested in the public good, and we are focused on bringing positive change to the communities we serve.”

Pittsburgh is part of Lyft City Works, a national initiative that has coupled with cities across the country to achieve maximum positive impact through improving transportation access and equity. The program was launched in Pittsburgh this past August.

Through the program, families who live in neighborhoods with limited access to grocery stores pay a flat fee of $2.50 for up to eight rides per month, or one round-trip per week, to and from nearby Giant Eagle grocery stores.

Currently, there are pilot programs at Bedford Dwelling in Pittsburgh and at Prospect Terrace in East Pittsburgh Borough. It is hoped that the project will expand to other neighborhoods in the future.

The program costs are covered by Lyft, and its partners identify areas of most need. Riders simply need to have the Lyft app on their phones.

The program plans to expand to other communities in Pittsburgh and to add more locations, such as farmers’ markets, where rides will be provided. 

“We’re committed to working toward a future in which all of our local residents can fully overcome transportation barriers,” said Huber. “We are thrilled to take a pivotal step in the right direction by helping bring this initiative 

to our city.”

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