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In This Issue, October 2019

Sep 30, 2019 01:50PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine
Mary Beth Mason PhD and student Quinn Ursprung 20 work with a child on speech-language techniques

Thiel College Adds New Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

For the first time in its 153-year history, Thiel College in Greenville will be offering a five-year graduate degree. Read More » 


Hampton Students being recognized by the Allegheny County Council as a No Place for Hate School

Student Activists Taking Leadership Role in Addressing Social Issues

Students of all ages are doing more than sitting in classrooms and participating in athletics. Read More » 



Keep Your Brain hAPPy With the Latest Brain Training Games

Keep Your Brain hAPPy With the Latest Brain Training Games

Brain training apps are all the rage, despite some disagreement among researchers about whether a brain can be trained to function differently. Read More » 


Zombies of the Corn

How to Have a Howlingly Good Halloween at Any Age

Pittsburgh is a fantastic place to celebrate Halloween. Read More » 


Day of the Dead sculptures at Awakening the Walls a three-day Halloween event in Derry Ireland Live performances take place on every corner and people are decked out in unbelievable costumes representing birds beasts and magical creatures

Derry, Ireland Halloween Voted Best in the World for a Reason

Waltzing corpses in third-floor windows. Street performers riding by on huge mechanical contraptions, scattering the crowd as they go. Read More » 


Students at Eden Christian Academy

Fleece Connection Provides Homemade Blankets to Area Veterans

Everyone knows that a warm, toasty blanket feels good and can bring comfort, especially when you’re sick or recovering. Read More » 


An Almost Ordinary Summer

Reel Q Celebrating its 34th Year of Highlighting LGBTQ+ Themed Films

Reel Q, Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ+ film festival, will be celebrating its 34th year in October. Read More » 


The Harmony Inn

PA’s Food and Beverage Trails Offer Ample Opportunities to Explore, Imbibe

Fall is the perfect time for a drive through the hills of western Pennsylvania, and following a food, brewery, wine or whiskey trail can make it even more fun. Read More » 


Kenny Sprouse

That Guy with the Birds Provides Avian Education, Entertainment

Sprouse, a Tarentum resident, has had a lifelong fascination with aviation and flight, with a particular interest in birds. Read More » 


Shopping for CBD Raises Lots of Questions Especially for First-time Users

Shopping for CBD Raises Lots of Questions, Especially for First-time Users

With CBD so much in the news these days, many people are considering trying this nonintoxicating cannabinoid that is found in cannabis and hemp. Read More » 


Winter is ComingIs Your Home Ready

Winter is Coming—Is Your Home Ready?

Despite the fact that Game of Thrones is now over, winter is still coming. And that means that you need to get your home and yard prepared for the colder weather. Read More » 


The North Mobile Boutique Celebration Photo by Katie Marie Photography

Mobile Boutiques Help Dress for Success Prepare More Women for Workforce

For women entering or reentering the workforce, what to wear to a job interview might make the difference between getting the job or needing unemployment. Read More »