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In This Issue, July 2019

Jun 30, 2019 08:07PM ● By North Hills Monthly Magazine
Dr Edward Bennett with a macaw owner of macaw Kenny Sprouse with That Guy  With The Bird and Dr Cailyn Pease with an iguana owner of iguana Susan McHale  with All Pet Animal Hospital Photo courtesy of Dena Koenig Photography

All Pet Animal Hospital Unique in Treating Exotics, Birds, Reptiles and More

Dr. Edward Bennett’s love of animals dates back to childhood: by the age of eight, he knew he wanted to become a veterinarian, and he never deviated from his chosen path. Read More » 


Oliver photo courtesy of Lucky Paws Pet Resort

Canine Sports Provide Great Bonding Opportunities for Dogs, Humans

A busy dog is a happy dog—one who has a purpose, an outlet for exercise, and who is able to build a strong bond with his or her pet parent. Read More » 


Maisy adoptable cat from Humane Animal Rescue

Spaying/Neutering, TNR Programs Help Control Cat Overpopulation

Kittens may be adorable, but they can also be a problem. Read More » 


Molly photo by Vanessa Orr

Foster Homes Fill Critical Need for Animal Rescue Organizations

Friends Director of Communications Shannon Clarke. “It enables us to care for so many animals beyond our walls.” Fostering provides many benefits. Not only does it provide an immediate... Read More » 


Remington Homer and Penelope photos courtesy of Makayla Thompson

Patience, Understanding Required to Live with Pet Pigs

Makayla Thompson has been obsessed with pigs since she was little. Read More » 


A mural in Millvale photo by Vanessa Orr

Etna and Millvale Two Towns on the Rise

Did you know that Etna Borough has a public swimming pool? Or that Etna is home to a large industrial park? Or that Etna is home to approximately 182 businesses, shops and restaurants? Read More » 


Conservators working on Christ on the Battlefield Photo by Mindy McNaugher McNaugher Photography

Maxo Vanka Murals Highlight Immigrant Plight, Pittsburgh History

Every Saturday, visitors to Millvale can take a guided tour of the murals of Maxo Vanka, which are displayed on the walls and ceiling of St. Nicholas Church. Read More » 



Fair Districts PA hosted a

What is Gerrymandering and Why is it so Important?

Gerrymandering is the process by which political boundaries are manipulated to create unfair advantages to one political party and disadvantages to another. Read More » 


Freedom Farms goats Photo by Amy Paterline

Goats Gaining Attention for Cheese, Milk, Yoga and More

Tucked in the woods in Indiana Township is a 130-acre farm that folks drive past every single day without even knowing that it is there. Read More » 


Photos courtesy of  Dr Tina Teimouri

More than Fresh Eggs: Chickens Becoming Family Pets

It’s a chicken and egg situation for Dr. Tina Teimouri and Connie Field. Read More » 


Edible flower flowering crab apples

The Gourmet Garden: Edible Plants and Flowers Growing in Popularity

Flowers are beautiful in a garden, in an arrangement, in a vase, and even decorating food. They can also be quite tasty. Read More » 


Kayaking Offers Low-impact Exercise Opportunity to Connect with Nature

Kayaking Offers Low-impact Exercise, Opportunity to Connect with Nature

Cathy Kentzel enjoys kayaking with friends and family—and even her pets—but she also appreciates kayaking alone. Read More » 


Brusters Celebrating  30 Years of Sweet Success

Bruster’s Celebrating 30 Years of Sweet Success

When founder Bruce Reed started the first Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Bridgewater, PA, back in 1989, he had no plans to expand the business beyond his local neighborhood. Read More » 


The slide on the back of the Juniata

A New Way to Enjoy the Water: Renting a Houseboat on Raystown Lake

One of the best ways to see the lake, and to enjoy a relaxing getaway, is to rent a houseboat and spend time exploring the coves and winding waterways that make up the area. Read More »