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Moraine Regatta Introducing Workforce Development Area

Apr 30, 2019 01:48PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

Ask any employer what their top struggles are, and you’ll likely receive the same answer:  Finding good help. Employers are struggling to find employees who are a good fit for their companies. Unemployment rates are extremely low, which makes the hiring process more competitive. Workforce development is one of the biggest issues currently facing the region. 

As the Moraine State Park Regatta leadership board planned the 2019 Regatta, it recognized that in order to provide an impactful community event of this scale, it needed to recognize the needs of the region. To this end, the regatta will be bringing workplaces and educational institutions together to educate the community about opportunities for workforce development in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

To do this, the regatta is creating a tent where companies and organizations looking to hire or expand their employee base will have the opportunity to exhibit. Educational institutions including trade schools that are looking for students or apprentices, and organizations looking for a volunteer workforce will also be able to showcase what they have to offer. 

Chairs and tables will be available for people to sit down and have further conversations, and attendees will have the opportunity to enter to win a prize, as well as the chance to opt in to receive more information about current opportunities. The workforce development tent will be close to the stage, so people can enjoy the music from the tent but still be able to have conversations in the shade.

The regatta is looking for commitments now from workforce development supporters and partners who want to showcase their organizations. For more information, contact Amanda Becker, event director, at