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Titus and Wendy Lou: Animal Friends’ Commitment to Second Chances

Feb 28, 2019 08:27PM ● By North Hills Monthly Magazine


When Titus came to Animal Friends, he was a friendly and outgoing dog who loved people and got plenty of love in return from staff and volunteers alike.

But, it wasn’t long before we noticed that he needed much more than love. Titus had some very special medical needs that would require extensive care and support.

And, we simply wouldn’t give up on this sweet boy. Like so many of the animals here at Animal Friends, we’ll be there for Titus…as long as he needs us.

It was three days before Christmas when Titus arrived at Animal Friends. He had been transferred from a small shelter that took him in off the streets. Right away, it was clear that his time as a stray had taken a serious toll on him.

At 8 years old, Titus was suffering from severe, long-term skin and ear infections. Our medical and animal care teams worked tirelessly to ease this sweet boy's pain and discomfort. While undergoing special skin treatments and receiving a prescription diet, Titus spent each day under the watchful eyes of our dedicated staff and volunteers.

Despite months of aggressive treatment, Titus continued to experience painful ear infections. Our medical team decided it would be best for him to undergo a special type of surgery—one that would remove his outer ear canals to prevent future infections. Most importantly, it would alleviate his pain.

There are others like Titus who rely on Animal Friends for the same type of specialized, compassionate and lifesaving care. 

Wendy Lou first came to Animal Friends in the summer of 2016. As the result of hypothermia and a severe flea infestation, her condition was so unstable that she needed to receive emergency, around-the-clock care. Because of the amount of blood she had lost as a result of the infestation, Wendy Lou had become severely anemic and required a blood transfusion.

During the procedure, Wendy Lou’s heart stopped when she went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, the skilled team providing her care didn’t miss a beat and jumped into action to revive her. Under patient and watchful eyes, Wendy Lou recovered and was eventually given a clean bill of health and was adopted!

Unfortunately, Wendy Lou found her way back to Animal Friends this summer after two years in her adoptive home. Her family was unable to continue to care for her, but what was worse for this poor girl was that we found a cancerous, mast cell tumor near the base of her tail. She immediately began treatment in hopes that the cancer wouldn’t spread.

Today, Titus and Wendy Lou are enjoying their second (and third!) chances at the happy lives they deserve. Titus loves spending quality time with the people he has grown to know and love during his time at Animal Friends. He has good days and bad, but it’s thanks to daily medication, skin treatments, frequent baths and a special diet that he’s enjoying life again. Wendy Lou has successfully completed her cancer treatment and is now available for adoption! Although her prognosis is good, her new family will need to keep a close eye on her to ensure she’s feeling her best. In the meantime, she’ll receive the best care possible from our compassionate staff and volunteers. 

We’ll continue to be here for Titus, Wendy Lou and the other dogs, cats and rabbits who desperately need a lifesaving second chance. But there are still so many animals in the Pittsburgh region and beyond who need help.

At Animal Friends, we’ve been saving lives for 75 years…it’s what we do. As the years go by, our commitment to our animal friends only grows stronger. It’s the personalized care for each and every animal that comes through our doors that makes Animal Friends so special.

But, we can’t continue this lifesaving work without you.

Please give.

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