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North Hills Monthly

In This Issue, March 2019

Feb 28, 2019 07:51PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine
Outdoor living spaces are taking the place of lawns Photo courtesy of Funyak Landscapes

Mow No More: Yardens and Outdoor Living Areas Replacing Local Lawns

When Anne Bacher purchased her Ambridge home, the yard was pristine, with a lush blanket of green grass and expertly coiffed shrubbery. Read More » 

Photo courtesy of Nest Expressions

Blues and Grays Leading the Way in Local Home Colors

Some people wait for the Pantone Color of the Year to drop like it’s the latest Harry Potter book or newest season of Games of Thrones. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of JD Llama Appraisal  Estate Service

Estate Sales and Auctions Answer Downsizing Need

As we age, we often find that many of the material things that were so important to us at one point no longer have as much value. Read More » 


Tupelo Honey Teas

Local Tea Shops Provide Wide Variety of Tasty Libations

While there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner, more and more tea shops are also popping up. Read More » 


Spenser Flowers

Spenser’s Voice Hopes to Reduce Stigma Surrounding Addiction

When Tina Flowers saw her 20-year-old son’s closed bedroom door, she knew something was wrong. Read More » 


DNA Testing Helps Users Research Family Tree

DNA Testing Helps Users Research Family Tree

Helene Colaizzi of Franklin Park did not learn that she was adopted until she was 8 years old, when she found some paperwork in her family’s Philadelphia attic. Read More » 


UPMC Outpatient Center in Wexford

UPMC Passavant Spine Center: A One-Stop Shop for the Treatment of Spine Problems

If you’ve ever experienced back or neck pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Read More » 


The Panormios family at an  RV campground

Convenience, Comfort Hallmark of RV Camping

Louis Heinle had always tent-camped while growing up and loved it. But when he met Sheila Bernardini, she wasn’t so interested. Read More » 


Trending Camping Gear More Comfortable Environmentally Conscious

Trending Camping Gear More Comfortable, Environmentally Conscious

“This makes the shell lighter and more wind resistant—with about 1,000 less holes—and more water resistant,” said Kaminski. Read More » 


A fall hike brings lots of people to the trails Photo courtesy of RCTC

Take a Hike! Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy Preserves, Promotes Community Trails

Spring is almost here, which means that the outdoors is beckoning. For something a little more challenging, why not explore the trails managed by the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy? Read More » 


Taxpayers Looking to Experts for Help with New Tax Laws

Taxpayers Looking to Experts for Help with New Tax Laws

Taxes are notoriously confusing, making this time of year particularly stressful. And 2019 may be the most confusing and stressful year yet. Read More » 

Cheese Curds and Charm The Perfect Girls Getaway Weekend in Janesville WI

Cheese Curds and Charm: The Perfect Girls’ Getaway Weekend in Janesville, WI

You know when your host meets you at breakfast carrying two bags of Bucky Badger cheese curds that it’s going to be a great trip. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of Animal Friends

Rabbit Rescuers Help Find Homes for Unwanted Animals

Say “rescue animals” and most people likely think of dogs or cats. But rabbits are also a huge concern for area shelters and rescue organizations. Read More »