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October is Pit Bull Awareness Month

Sep 30, 2018 06:07PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

Seeing Beyond the Breed

At Animal Friends, we work every day to provide the same high-level, specialized care for each animal that comes through our doors. It may be a cat who is experiencing medical challenges and needs daily medication and monitoring. Or it could be two rabbits that have spent their entire lives together and are bonded—meaning that they’ll need to find a home with room for two. 

We’re no stranger to animals who have a longer road to a second chance with a loving family. And, we’re happy that we can be there for them—every step of the way—no matter how long it may take.

Sadly, some of these animals often have to wait longer than others—in particular, our beloved Pit Bull residents.

The sad truth is that across the country, as well as right here in western Pennsylvania, Pit Bulls are one of the most common breeds to be waiting for homes in shelters, rescues and animal welfare organizations like Animal Friends. Our staff and volunteers work hard each and every day to educate people about the stereotypes and myths that are associated with this sweet, social, wiggly, cuddly and loving canine breed.

All too often, an exuberant play style, a muscular build or even an eagerly affectionate personality are viewed as negative traits—causing many Pit Bulls to wait weeks, months or even years to find a family to call their own. In reality, Pit Bulls, just like any other breed of dog, are products of their environment. And in most cases, all they need is time, patience and lots of love to help them become the perfect addition to a loving family.

  • Like Dontez, whose tendency to jump has been managed with enrichment games that put his mind to work and reward him with his favorite treats and stuffed toys.
  • Or Lovebug, who was rescued after being found roaming the streets with a leg injury by a Good Samaritan and spent months learning how to trust people after an uncertain past.
  • Or Tyson, a 10-year-old who has been waiting for a family since February and is described by the staff and volunteers who know him best as sweet, friendly and playful.

At Animal Friends, we see so much more than a breed. We see a unique personality and a dog who has so much love to give—they just need to find the right family to help them enjoy their happily ever after in a loving home that they can call their very own!

Visit or stop by Animal Friends to see who might be waiting to meet you. You just might find your new best friend!