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3 Rivers Outdoor Company Promoting Outdoor Life, Nonprofit Partners

Jun 30, 2018 11:47AM ● By Trina Asterino-Nous

The owners of 3 Rivers Outdoor Company have not only opened an outdoor equipment/clothing store, but a hub for outdoor activities in the Greater Pittsburgh area. 

“We felt like there was a lack of a home for outdoor people in Pittsburgh, a place where they could find out information on the places to get outside or to find other like-minded people passionate to get outside,” co-owner Chrissy Iksi said. 

Iksic, of Aspinwall, and Chris Kaminski, of Shaler, opened the new store in Regent Square with a wealth of unique concepts. In addition to serving as a resource for those interested in the outdoors, they are partnering with nonprofit groups to help them increase awareness and raise funds. 3 Rivers Outdoor Company will also sell used gear on consignment. 

Opening a small, independent shop might frighten most, but Iksic and Kaminski are not only up for the challenge—they are well equipped. Iksic served in the Air National Guard, has a pilot’s license and has lived and traveled abroad. Kaminski has a wealth of experience as a mountain rescue team member in Colorado and served as a guide for backpacking and rock climbing trips. The two met through a mutual friend, and Iksic stayed friends with Kaminski and his wife, Sarah. 

“We did a bit of mountain biking together at Hartwood Acres, and it was after a ride there that the idea was first discussed,” Iksic said about the store’s inception. 

Iksic, who had lived in Denver, had been thinking about moving west. “Then it dawned on me how much I loved Pittsburgh and what an incredibly good place it was to live an outdoor life,” she said. She approached Kaminski with the idea to open a used gear shop, and the two came up with the concept behind their new endeavor.

The nonprofit partnerships are perhaps the most unique–and best–aspect of 3 Rivers Outdoor Company. 

“We have designated and are continuously looking for nonprofits that align with our mission of strengthening the Greater Pittsburgh outdoor community, getting people outside and enjoying the opportunities surrounding the city,” Kaminski said. 

3 Rivers Outdoor Company will team up with two nonprofits each quarter and host events and projects to get folks outdoors. They will also donate a percentage of sales and give consigners the option to donate to the nonprofit partners.

“Not only are we able to help spread the word about our partners, but we are making it easier for outdoor enthusiasts to support the causes and organizations that they are passionate about,” Kaminski said.

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