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North Hills Monthly

Summer Fun at the National Aviary

May 31, 2018 09:05PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

Butterfly Garden

Summer activities at the National Aviary begin Memorial Day weekend, and include Soar! on Sky Deck, the outdoor free-flight bird show that features birds of prey demonstrating their natural hunting prowess, and the immersive Butterfly Garden, located outdoors in the Rose Garden.

SOAR! on Sky Deck
Daily at 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. (weather permitting)
Swooping and soaring over audience members in the rooftop theater, Sky Deck, a variety of birds of prey including Lanner Falcons, Black Kites, Hooded Vultures and more perform breathtaking hunting demonstrations. This show gives audiences a firsthand look at the hunting prowess of these incredible birds of prey and the techniques used by their highly skilled trainers.

Butterfly Garden 
Included with general admission
Daily 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Not all wings are the same, and this summer, visitors can study the delicate and colorful wings of butterflies up-close in this immersive habitat. Local butterfly species will flutter around visitors in a specially designed outdoor tent in the blooming Rose Garden. Hand-feed them, take photos, and learn about the incredible migration routes of butterflies, their important role in the ecosystem, and how to transform your backyard into a butterfly haven. The habitat features a changing variety of up to eight native butterfly species at one time, including Painted Lady, Monarch, Question Mark, Buckeye, Mourning Cloak, Black Swallowtail, Viceroy, Comma, Giant Swallowtail, and Cabbage White, and beautiful native plants provided by Best Feeds Garden Center.

Vivien the Sloth
Daily in the Avian Care Center
The National Aviary’s newest two-toed sloth, Vivien, is now 9 months old! Guests can see her daily in the Avian Care Center window when they visit the National Aviary.
Visit for a complete listing of daily summer activities and special events, including opportunities to book private encounters with penguins, a sloth, owls, flamingos, armadillos and more!