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Years of Expertise, Advanced Technology Sets Pawlowicz Dentistry Apart

Jan 31, 2018 02:13PM ● By Vanessa Orr

Dr. John S. Pawlowicz Jr. (front), Dr. Jason Pawlowicz (left) and Dr. John Pawlowicz III, Pawlowicz Dentistry. Photo courtesy of Dena Koenig.

For more than half a century, the Pawlowicz name has been synonymous with trusted, quality dentistry in the Butler County area. And now this same level of high-touch, high-tech care is becoming more accessible to people in the North Hills.

In January 2018, Pawlowicz Dentistry celebrated the opening of a new location in Mars, PA, designed to accommodate requests from patients who had been asking for a closer, more convenient location. This new office, located at 231 Crowe Avenue, not only gives patients access to the Pawlowicz’s years of experience in the dental field, but state-of-the art technology that can help diagnose and treat complex dental problems. 

“A lot of our patients are people who have been dealing with unresolved issues, and they haven’t been able to get the answers that they needed from general dentists,” explained Dr. Jason Pawlowicz. “After coming to us and finally finding relief, they tell us that they wish they’d known about us before. We hope that by expanding our locations, we’ll be able to offer more people the help they need.”

“Our experience, in combination with modern technology, enables us to provide more accurate diagnoses and better treatment plans, which result in more successful outcomes,” added Dr. John Pawlowicz III. “We have become the go-to dentists for patients who haven’t been able to find answers anywhere else.”

Beyond general dentistry, the practice specializes in physiologic neuromuscular dentistry, which focuses on the healthy relationship among the teeth, jaw joints, and head and neck muscles. Patients seek out the dentists’ expertise in this area, which includes the diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular disorder (TMJ) resulting from a misalignment of the teeth, the upper and lower jaws or in some cases, the jaw joints, as well as for the screening and coordinated treatment of sleep apnea.

“To treat these types of conditions, we use the most up-to-date dental radiology machine on the market, which is knowns as a Cone Beam (CB) CT scanner,” said Dr. John, who also serves as an elite instructor and featured lecturer of neuromuscular dentistry at LVI Global where he teaches others to use the latest technology. “This allows us to get a three-dimensional view of a patient’s airway, teeth, head and neck.”

Using this information, the dentists can see many problems in the upper and lower jaw and jaw joints, as well as screen for any airway problems that may contribute to sleep apnea. This type of scan is not only more comfortable for a patient than a typical CT scan because it doesn’t require them to lie in a tube, but is also faster and less expensive. 

“Another advantage is that the CB scan uses a very low dose of radiation compared to a large CT scanner that you’d find in a hospital,” added Dr. John. “This type of technology is fairly unique to this area.”

The BioPAK jaw machine is another distinctive technology that Pawlowicz Dentistry uses to determine how patients open and close their jaws in real time. “This machine shows any deviations in jaw movement and also measures the muscles’ electrical responses as the jaw moves, enabling us to diagnose underlying TMJ or bite problems,” said Dr. John, adding that the machine is especially useful in diagnosing patients whose teeth are wearing down abnormally quickly or who suffer from broken teeth. 

“Through the use of these two machines, we can treat patients with advanced wear on their teeth and reduce many of their symptoms, including head and neck pain, jaw pain, teeth pain and headaches,” Dr. John continued. “We’re more than just tooth mechanics—we are whole body practitioners. We’re not looking at a single tooth at a time; we’re looking at the whole body system.”

To this end, the practice also carries the latest hard and soft tissue lasers to treat TMJ and other dental issues. The cold (hard) tissue laser is used to activate blood flow to muscles for the treatment of TMJ, neck and headache pain, and is similar to physical therapy machines in helping the body’s healing modalities. The soft tissue laser is used inside the mouth to trim unhealthy gum tissue and for other procedures.

“The benefit of the soft tissue laser is that healing time is much quicker,” said Dr. Jason, adding that patients no longer need stitches.  

Other devices are geared toward making patients’ visits more comfortable and convenient. Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea and snoring, for example, can take advantage of home sleep screening devices so that instead of visiting a hospital, they can undergo any preliminary screening needed at home. 

“Our CEREC machine is a huge benefit for patients because it saves them from having to make multiple trips to the dentist,” said Dr. Jason of the practice’s ability to construct crowns in approximately one hour. “They can get everything they need, start to finish, in one appointment.” 

The dentists are also able to use a handheld device to take digital X-rays, which is not only more convenient and less messy for patients but produces less radiation than traditional dental X-rays. 

“For patients who are very uncomfortable at the dentist, we also work with a dental anesthesiology group to provide IV sedation,” added Dr. John. “Patients are able to go to sleep or become alert very easily.”

Of course, technology is only as good as the people who use it, and both Dr. John and Dr. Jason have advanced training on all of the equipment. As a featured lecturer and clinical instructor at LVI, Dr. John brings all of the latest knowledge to the practice’s Butler and Mars locations.

“People who stop training never advance,” said Dr. Jason of the emphasis put on continuing education. “Technology is changing daily and you have to change with it.”

“Our goal is to continue the work that our father started 54 years ago,” added Dr. John. “We have become a trusted name in dentistry, and we are expanding on that trusted name.”

To learn more about Pawlowicz Dentistry or to make an appointment at either location, visit or call 724-287-4000 or 724-287-4400.