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I Made It! Market Coming to the North Hills

Nov 30, 2017 01:18PM ● By Vanessa Orr

One of the most wonderful presents that a person can receive is something handmade—not only because it’s a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, but because its purchase also helps support the local community.

“All of the items at the I Made It! Market are created with care, and are made by people that you actually get to talk to about their passion and about the work that goes into these high-quality products,” explained Carrie Nardini, who held the first I Made It! Market in 2007. “By buying their work, you also support small businesses, and that money goes back into the local economy, which supports your friends and neighbors.”

The I Made It! Market—Pittsburgh’s nomadic indie craft marketplace—will pop up in two locations in the North Hills this December: I Made It! at The Block Northway on Dec. 10 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I Made It! at Cranberry Commons on 

Dec. 16 from 

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Block Northway market coincides with the shopping mall’s Walk the Block event that features music and giveaways throughout the complex. Over 60 artists will take over two floors within the main complex. The Cranberry Commons event will be held in the former H.H. Gregg space and will feature more than 60 artists including vendors from Farm to Table Pittsburgh. 

Nardini created the first I Made It! Market after realizing that while there were many talented local craftsmen, there were few opportunities for them to consign or sell their wares. “The first I Made It! Market was met with a lot of energy and great support, so we kept going,” she explained. “Now it’s used as a way for local artists to launch or grow their businesses.”

The market travels from place to place, setting up shop in spaces that are not currently being used or at outdoor markets. “We chose to be nomadic as a way to bring art to a wide variety of customers throughout the region,” said Nardini. 

The market carries an eclectic array of handmade items from silk-printed t-shirts to illustrations, ceramics, jewelry, bath and body products, housewares, fiber arts, kids’ gifts, food and teas, metalwork and more. All of the artists must apply to be part of a juried event before their work will be accepted for sale.

“Some of our artists focus on repurpose, recycle, reuse in their products, and many consider the environment in how their products are made,” said Nardini. “It’s really neat to get the opportunity to talk to them about how they source their materials and where the items came from, which doesn’t necessarily happen in another type of store. Many of our artists also customize gifts, which makes for really unique presents.”

Some of the artists in December’s shows will include:

• Jarr’ed Goods carries delicious canned goods and more from a family grown farm. The husband and wife team craft everything from mustards to jellies. Their goods are produced in small batches with simple ingredients to ensure quality. The Dippin’ Mustard is a family favorite. 

• Amy Solomon of Amy * Made is a fine artist and illustrator who crafts incredible handcrafted goods including hand-drawn maps, hand-stamped jewelry and crochet creations. She has been featured on HGTV.

• The Neighborhood Blonde creates fun, innovative and functional pieces for the home from primarily upcycled pieces. Her mission is to honor the past and protect the future through repurposing and sourcing material locally. 

To learn more about the I Made It! Market, visit or follow them on Facebook  where you can also see a list of all of their artists.