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Pawlowicz Dentistry Patients Benefit from Second Location, Innovative Technology

Jun 01, 2017 02:28PM ● By Vanessa Orr

Dr. Jason Pawlowicz and Dr. John Pawlowicz III, Pawlowicz Dentistry

By always putting the patient at the forefront of their practice, the Pawlowicz family has succeeded in earning the confidence of generations of families in Butler County and surrounding areas for the past 54 years. Patients who visit Pawlowicz Dentistry know that they will not only receive dental excellence provided by knowledgeable, caring dentists, but access to the most innovative dental technologies available. 

“What really sets us apart is the fact that we take advantage of the most leading-edge treatment modalities that modern dentistry has to offer,” explained Dr. John Pawlowicz III. “Many of the patients that we see have previously come up empty when trying to find answers for their dental issues on the medical side; they come to us because we not only have the technology but the education and training to diagnose and treat more complex problems.”

To aid in the diagnostic process, the practice utilizes Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT), which provides a three-dimensional view of the teeth and the structures of the head and neck. “Standard films show a two-dimensional snapshot, but with 3-D imaging, we can get a much better overview, which aids us in getting the patient’s teeth, muscles and joints back in harmony,” said Dr. John. “This is especially helpful when treating conditions like sleep apnea and TMD (temporomandibular disorder).”

A CBCT scan is particularly advantageous when a patient is in pain but the root cause might not be obvious. “The CBCT scan enables us to get a full picture instead of a partial picture of what’s going on,” he added. “This helps us make a better diagnosis, and create a more comprehensive treatment plan going forward.”

Patients who require crowns benefit from the practice’s use of a CEREC machine, which uses CAD-CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) to construct crowns in the office in approximately an hour, saving patients from having to make a return visit. 

“Patients used to leave with temporary crowns that they would wear for about three weeks while the lab was making their real ones,” explained Dr. Jason Pawlowicz. “Now we can prepare the tooth in the office and put the final crown in on the same day.

“People are so busy these days that the less time spent in the dental chair the better,” he added.

The practice also utilizes digital X-rays to reduce the amount of radiation exposure to patients. “It’s important to note that traditional dental X-rays have been deemed safe for many years—they actually provide less radiation exposure than you’d get on a sunny day,” said Dr. Jason. “Still, for the peace of mind for our patients and the safety of our staff, we use digital X-rays that provide a minimal amount of radiation and are much faster and more accurate—the picture pops up on screen almost instantaneously.”

While this innovative technology is available to other dentists, many do not use it because of the expense as well as the time it takes for training. “A lot of training is required to learn to use the CBCT equipment and to read the film properly, as well as to learn how to use the CEREC machine to make same-day crowns,” said Dr. Jason. “But both Dr. John and I are very committed to continuing education, since it allows us to provide additional benefits to our patients.”

In addition to continually increasing their knowledge and upgrading their own abilities, Dr. John also serves as an elite instructor of neuromuscular dentistry at LVI Global, teaching other dentists how to use the latest technology. “I am very honored to be a lecturer and teacher at LVI, where the majority of classes are conducted in live patient facilities,” he said, adding that the hands-on experience of working on real patients is preferable to learning in a classroom or conference room. 

Both Dr. John and Dr. Jason credit their father, Dr. John S. Pawlowicz Jr., for their desire to provide patients with the latest innovations in dental care. “Our father started this practice in 1964, and he is still practicing and staying current with new technology,” said Dr. John. “He has been a terrific mentor to us.”

“He is a big believer in anything that provides better treatment for patients, which is why we always strive to be the best we can be,” added Dr. Jason. “If the technology is available to aid us in making better diagnoses and better treatment plans, we use it.”

This summer, Pawlowicz Dentistry will be making it even easier for patients to take advantage of this expertise when it opens its second location in Mars, PA. “Approximately 30 to 40 percent of our client base is from the North Hills and South Hills, and we wanted to make it more convenient for them by being closer,” said Dr. Jason. “Now we’ll be even more accessible.”

Pawlowicz Dentistry is located at 516 Hansen Avenue, Lyndora, PA 16045. Their second location will be located at 231 Crowe Avenue, Mars, PA 16046 in summer 2017.