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Woman Loses 100+ Pounds in Eight Months on Dr. Michael Vactor’s Ultimate Fat Loss System

Jan 30, 2017 07:46PM ● By Vanessa Orr

Photo on the right courtesy of Tabitha Knox, Vibrant Images

While many people don’t like carrying extra pounds, they often put off trying to lose weight because it’s so difficult to do. Others try every diet that comes along and still don’t succeed—so they finally just give up. 

Vicky Fletcher faced these same challenges until she went to see Dr. Michael Vactor, DC, and tried his Ultimate Fat Loss System. In the past eight months, she has shed 104 pounds—and she weighs 20 pounds less now than she did on her wedding day 19 years ago.

“I’ve been overweight since I had my daughter—and that was 18 years ago,” Fletcher explained of what made her try Dr. Vactor’s program. “That is way too long to be overweight.

“It’s worked beautifully because I’m not hungry, so I never feel like I’m missing anything,” she added. “And watching the numbers on the scale move every day kept me motivated.”

According to Dr. Vactor, Vicky’s story is not unique. “So many people come to me and say that they’ve tried everything,” he explained. “They get frustrated, so they give up. But my program isn’t like other programs—it’s a cutting-edge, 21st century approach to weight loss. It’s a natural program that doesn’t use drugs or stimulants, and it’s safe, easy and very effective.”

People who use the program see a loss of at least a half-pound a day, and heavier patients lose more, according to Dr. Vactor, a published author, radio and television personality, doctor of chiropractic, natural health care advocate and weight loss expert. His synergistic program works by allowing the body to utilize stored fat, balancing hormones, removing toxins and raising metabolic levels through a healthy, alkaline-based food management program.

“People eat real, whole foods; nothing pre-packaged or canned,” said Dr. Vactor, adding that the plan works whether dining at home or at a restaurant. “It doesn’t require people to exercise either, which is a positive thing for those people whose weight makes it too difficult to work out.”

“I think that a lot of people think that this program is about pre-packaged food and it’s not,” agreed Fletcher, who said that being able to eat real food was one of the aspects that sold her on the program. “You eat foods with no added salt or sugar, and you can’t have processed foods—something that I’d probably never done before in my life. 

“Surprisingly, I no longer crave chips and dip or soda; I don’t miss any of it,” she added. “The products that Dr. Vactor utilizes decrease my cravings and hunger.”

There’s another thing that Fletcher doesn’t miss—taking lots of medication for high blood pressure and diabetes. Since going from 250 pounds to 146 pounds, she has been able to stop taking prescription medication to treat these conditions—a result that many of Dr. Vactor’s patients have seen since starting his weight loss program.

“I’ve had patients come in with tears in their eyes, telling me that their doctors say that they are heart attacks waiting to happen,” said Dr. Vactor. “Once they’re on the program, they find that their health is improving, they’re feeling better and their doctors are able to decrease the amount of medication they are taking. 

“Weight loss helps with blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, as well as gastrointestinal, thyroid and mobility issues,” he continued. “Many patients with sleep apnea are also able to get off their CPAP machines because they are breathing and sleeping better.”

It is because of results like this that many of the people that Dr. Vactor treats are in the medical profession—they’ve seen it work on their own patients and want to lose weight as well. Doctors in private practice and hospitals also refer patients to him when they are looking for a non-drug, non-surgical weight loss program.

“You have choices when you’re overweight,” said Dr. Vactor. “You can do nothing. You can exercise and eat less, which can work but is cumbersome and slow—an hour on the treadmill burns between 200 and 400 calories; there are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. You can join a medical weight loss program that has potential side effects, or you can have surgery. Or you can try my guaranteed, life-changing program.”

“I tried a lot of programs where I’d weigh in once a week, and I’d get so frustrated when I didn’t see the number I wanted; I figured I might as well cheat because it wasn’t working anyway,” said Fletcher. “But seeing the scale move every day is such a motivation—every day, you see yourself losing more.

“My body and my life are so different now,” she added. “I’ve recommended the program to several of my friends and they’ve tried it—and they’re all succeeding!

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