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Author Relives Her Roots in New Novel

Jan 01, 2017 02:25PM ● By Jill Cueni Cohen

Dana Faletti, 42, lives in Richland Township, raises three daughters with her husband, and now she has a Beautiful Secret

When she's not doing the mom thing, Faletti is an accomplished author and has already self-published three young adult novels called The Whisper Trilogy. Beautiful Secret is Faletti's fourth book, but it's the book that her heart has always wanted to write. 

Loosely based on her grandmother's life in Italy as an unwed mother, the book is filled with Faletti’s memories of traveling to Europe and meeting her extended family. "Writing this book was cathartic. I wanted to share my grandmother's stories, but I have such wonderful memories of my visits there, and this book is all of those things bleeding out of me,” she said. “That's why I was so inspired to write this story; it's written around the most emotional experience of my life."

A tale of forbidden love and a search for identity set in the past and the present, Faletti said that much of Beautiful Secret is biographical. "It's about my grandmother's life and what happened to her when she gave birth to my dad. The Nona in the story was based on my own Nona." The modern love affair, however, is fiction. 

This book marks the first time that the author has worked with a publisher. "I never wanted to go through the typical three-year waiting period to get published. I just wanted to share my novels with other people," Faletti explained, as she prepared to launch Beautiful Secret last month in a flurry of launch parties and book signings around town.

Faletti actually found her publisher, Pandamoon Publishing in Austin, Texas, from a Twitter contest. “Pandamoon is an indie publisher and so supportive," said Faletti, noting that she had a lot of input when it came to the book's production, including the decision to use her cousin as the model for the book's cover art. "The most positive part was going through the editing process. I never had anybody work so carefully on my book before and take such a deep interest. It was humbling to have her spend so much time on it." 

Faletti’s book is available at, at, at Gifted Hands Gift shop in McCandless and Wexford, and at Tickled Pink in Hampton.