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Delight Your Kids with A Call from Santa

Dec 01, 2016 08:42AM ● By Matt Hill

Who wouldn’t want an app that allows you to text and call Santa, and even allows you to leave and receive voicemails from Father Christmas?

The “A Call from Santa” app is a lot of fun for kids during the holidays. They can leave a voicemail for Santa with their Christmas lists, or you can schedule a call and have Santa give you a ring because your child did something amazing (or even have him or her put on the naughty list for not being nice to Mommy!)

I tried the 'schedule a call' feature, and Santa called us 15 minutes later—it was like having a real conversation with Santa! This app, free in the App Store, keeps the spirit of Santa Claus and Christmas magic alive. Give it a try and have a very merry Christmas!