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Take the Worry Out of Backing Up Files with CrashPlan

Nov 01, 2016 12:52PM ● By Eric Hill

CrashPlan by Code42 is an automatic data backup application that takes away the worry of storing and securing all of your files on your computer.  

I had a need for such a service because I deal with terabytes worth of client files on a daily basis, and losing any of them could be devastating for my clients and myself! What drew me to CrashPlan was their easy-to-use interface, which is available for MAC and PC, and the fact that you can monitor certain aspects via mobile device with the CrashPlan app. The app also allows you to download any of the backed-up files right to your device. 

Here’s an interesting scenario: What if a client of yours needs access to a file that you worked on last week (or even last night)? You’re nowhere near your computer but you have your phone. You can log into your app, find the file and forward it to your client in seconds! You don’t have to create an FTP site or store files somewhere like Dropbox. You just use your computer like normal and let CrashPlan handle the dirty work. 

CrashPlan automatically backs up each night and it backs up intelligently; it only backs up NEW files or newly altered files after the initial full back-up. While I’m sleeping, CrashPlan is making sure all my files are backed up safely AND making them available to me right through the app on my phone. 

So how much storage do you get? It’s unlimited. I currently have more than five terabytes backed up. Sounds like it might be expensive, right? I was thinking something like this might cost me $30-50 per month, but CrashPlan is only $5 per month! That is the cheapest insurance you’ll ever find for storing files and making sure nothing is ever lost. 

So what happens if your hard drive gets fried? You simply install the app on the new hard drive and “restore.” You’ll be back in business in no time. 

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