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Let’s “Fix” America: Dolly for President

Oct 01, 2016 02:08PM ● By Shelly Tower Rushe

Dolly is shy, startled by loud noises, practically toothless, and full of cat attitude. But come this fall, this formerly homeless shop cat is hoping to add the title of president to her resume. 

Nancy Lee, owner of WearWoof women’s resale shop (and Dolly’s human), opened her McIntyre Square storefront after a decade working in Human Resources. She was looking for a way to help multiple animal welfare organizations by creating a new way of giving to animal charities. 

As she was cleaning out her closet full of professional clothes—some still with tags on—she was suddenly inspired by the fashion degree she earned decades before. She soon opened WearWoof with the goal to be “the best women’s resale shop while educating the public about animal welfare.” 

The proceeds from the shop are donated to all three of the major local shelters—the  Animal Rescue League, Western Pennsylvania Humane Society and Animal Friends—as well as smaller shelters and rescue organizations with more specific missions, including Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary and Homeless Cat Management Team. Soon after opening the store four years ago, Dolly was adopted from Animal Rescue League as the shop cat.

Historically, the shop has held a gala fundraiser each fall, and this year, Lee was looking for something new and found inspiration in the current elections. “It’s been a ridiculous election year,” laughed Lee. She figured that adding a feline to the ticket would bring some humor to the frustration that many voters are feeling. Dolly’s platform (or should we say “catform”) is to Fix America—but she knows that not everyone can be fixed. She’s focusing primarily on dogs and cats that haven’t been spayed or neutered.

“Each year, more than 20,000 animals are euthanized in Allegheny County,” explained Lee, who serves as Dolly’s press liaison since the green-eyed, brown tabby is too busy chewing on packing tape to speak to the media. “We strongly believe in low-cost spay and neuter and trap-neuter-return programs to help control the pet overpopulation problem.”

Dolly is so committed to the cause (or claws? Ok, I’ll stop now…) that she is reaching across the aisle to bring a canine on board. Adora the pit bull, surrendered by a backyard breeder and now a Certified Therapy Dog and a Canine Good Citizen, is Dolly’s running mate.

Dolly’s campaign has been gaining momentum and even won the endorsement of Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto through a YouTube video. Local comedian and radio DJ Jim Krenn is also a Dolly supporter and has starred in her publicity videos.

For all the attention, Dolly is a reluctant candidate. “If she knew she was running, she would be so mad!” laughed Lee. 

Indeed, Dolly was disinclined to interact with this cat-crazy lady writer. Perhaps she was concerned I would reveal her deep, dark secrets (such as her uncertainty around dogs). Perhaps she’s hesitant to discuss her proposed Cat Tax (another fundraising campaign for spay-neuter) for fear she’ll upset dog lovers. Yet she’ll carry on for the greater good—each vote is a donation to Dolly’s campaign fund and every dollar goes to save lives through effective, affordable spay and neuter programs.

So whether you’re a DemoCAT or a RePUGlican (sorry I couldn’t resist!), 

Dolly is the vote that will “fix” America. 

You can avoid the lines at the polls and vote at