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Fall is a Great Time to Spice Up Your Spirits

Oct 01, 2016 02:07PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

It’s time to get fired up…with cocktails, that is! Spices are a fun way to add unexpected flavors to more mellow cocktail recipes. Spicy flavors continue to be a big food trend, so why not introduce it to your glass? Below are cocktail recipes to try at home and tips to spice up your favorite drinks. 

Heat up your very own cocktails and spirits with these five tips:

Season your glass rim

▪ If your drink is on the mild or sweet side, you can easily add some fire by rimming the glass with spices–say, a mixture of salt and chili powder. If you’re feeling extra bold, consider moistening your rim with hot sauce instead of water or juice.

Create a spicy syrup

▪ Balance your heat with a little sweet by creating a simple syrup that has a hot kick–jalapeno simple syrup, anyone?

Infuse your spirit

• If you’re hoping to shake up spicy cocktails all season long, infuse some fiery flavor into vodka, gin, rum or tequila by steeping jalapenos, habaneros or, if you’re feeling incredibly daring, ghost peppers in it. Control the heat level with how long you infuse your spirit and what kind of pepper you use.

Muddle Hot Peppers

• For a potent punch, muddle your favorite hot pepper with simple syrup and a fresh herb before mixing a cocktail.

Garnish with a hot pepper

• Add a visual element to your glass with a hot pepper garnish. Drop it in the drink for some extra oomph.