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Learn the Facts during Pit Bull Awareness Month

Oct 01, 2016 02:05PM ● By North Hills Monthly Magazine

At Animal Friends, we treat all of our shelter pets as individuals and know that each one deserves a chance at a happy life with a loving family.

Sadly, not everyone feels the same way we do about all of the animals within our walls–namely our beloved Pit Bulls. These dogs and puppies are overlooked because of the stereotypes that are associated with their breed. This is often times why Pit Bulls are one of the most prevalent breeds in shelters across the country. And tragically, many of them are never given a chance simply for that reason.

Take Marie, for example. She’s been waiting for a home for more than two years. Through no fault of her own, she was abandoned by her former owner and ended up at Animal Friends. Since she’s been a resident, we gotten to know Marie as the incredibly sweet, intelligent and spunky pup that she is today.

We don’t see Marie as just a Pit Bull but rather we see her as the wonderful dog that she is. We’ll stay committed to finding Marie–and our other Pit Bulls—a loving home. And if that means breaking down myths and stereotypes about Pit Bulls, then so be it.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to make a change. Learn more at



Marie has been with Animal Friends for far too long. She came to us in July of 2014 after being rescued by our Humane Investigations Department. Marie was abandoned outside without food or water by her previous owners. When she arrived at the shelter she was incredibly malnourished and dirty. We have since nursed her back to health and she is as spunky as ever! At 4 years old, Marie is very energetic and enthusiastic, so we recommend that she go home with a family whose are children at least 12 years old and without cats.

Marie enjoys the company of other dogs, but comes on strong. She would do best with a dog that has a similar play style and energy level. Marie also greatly benefits from enrichment games that make her think and focus. She thoroughly enjoys toys and games that make her work for treats. Marie also loves calmer, downtime activities like nose work and lying with you while you read to her. This precious girl has been patiently waiting such a long time for the right family to come along. Now all Marie needs is for someone to give her a loving home.