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North Hills Monthly

Venmo Allows for Quick Paybacks

Jul 31, 2016 11:14PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine

Have you ever forgotten your wallet and had to borrow $10? Have you been out to dinner with your friends and had to split a check only to have several people not have cash on hand? The latest, and one of the most popular apps out there, has finally bridged these gaps—Venmo!

This very simple payment app allows you to transfer money to the people you know for free. You can simply link to any bank account through an encrypted, secure, easy-to-use interface, and then connect to your friends just like any other messaging app. Once connected, you can transfer money at no charge. That's right, no fees!

You can also link credit cards, which will incur your standard 3 percent credit fee on transactions, but it's optional.

Now anytime I leave my wallet at home (which happens all the time), I can borrow some cash for lunch and transfer my friend $10 through the app, and we're all square. It keeps a history of your transactions and allows you to attach a note about the transfer if you want to clarify the reason for the transaction. This app is owned by PayPal, so you can feel safe in the security code it uses. It has a 4.5-star rating and is free through the app store. This is a must have!