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View Live Feeds from Around the World on Periscope

Jun 30, 2016 08:57AM ● By Eric Hill

If you’re like me, you always welcome new avenues of communication. I particularly like the live feeds that are now popping up on Facebook. However, Facebook is not the best place to find things like this, as much of the time its algorithms don’t let you see everything from all your friends and the pages you follow. This means we miss many opportunities to see these live feeds unfold.

A few months ago, I happened to notice a favorite luthier (guitar builder) of mine had something called a Periscope account. I was intrigued and looked into it as I’d actually never heard of it. After reading about it, I downloaded the app and within minutes I was watching a live feed on my phone of him building guitars in his guitar shop…in Australia. Amazing, right?

So, what is Periscope? Periscope is an app that is gaining a lot of traction these days because of its live-feed based interfacing. It is getting so much attention for its unique approach that Twitter purchased the company in 2015. What Periscope allows you to do is view live feeds from literally all over the world. Feeds as simple as some guy telling you his gardening tips to things like live concerts!

There are a few ways to narrow down your searches—if you are trying to find something you like by randomly looking at feeds from all over the world, you might not get very far (or maybe you would!). You can search by hashtags, city, state, or by simply following people or companies you like. Everything that you follow will show up in your main Periscope feed, much like Twitter or Facebook. You can be notified when they go live or watch videos they’ve posted up to 24 hours after they’ve finished broadcasting. Imagine knowing your favorite band was playing a show in a city 2,000 miles from you…search that city, zoom in and you might just find a live feed of that show!

Another one of the cool features in Periscope is the ability to interface with the folks that are broadcasting live. You can actually type messages in real time to the folks you are watching and get questions answered or have a discussion. It’s pretty entertaining once you get the hang of it!

Ok, so you might be wondering just WHO can broadcast live? Anyone, including you! It’s as simple as pressing a button on the screen and all of a sudden you are live and searchable. Show your view from a concert, your perspective on the election, your new car, etc. And if your friends are following you, they will get a notice that are you live and you’ll instantly have everyone watching what you want to show!

Even though I can navigate pretty easily now and I’m comfortable with the interface, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can do in this app. I’d suggest you check it out!