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Mint by Intuit

May 31, 2016 01:24PM ● By Matt Hill

My wife and I have a hard time keeping to our monthly budget. With of all of our expenses, credit cards and accounts in various places, we find it difficult to track the true numbers day-to-day, month-to-month. Unfortunately, it never seems to work out for us even though we plan.  

I set out to find something that could keep track of all of our financial information in one place, but also include budgetary insight at the same time. I found Mint by Intuit. This app is quite easy to use. You can link all of your accounts and credit cards into a single location using the secure login credentials you already use, and it allows you to track all of your cash and expenses in one place! 

Having all of these items in once place lets you get a true sense of how and where you spend your money, compared to multiple bank and credit card websites. It compiles all of your information, allowing for an easier understanding of how you spend. When you set a monthly budget, you can track against this target number—that’s where the true value Mint is captured. It also offers advice on how to save money based on spending habits. Check it out at the app store, free of charge, of course!