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Meal Planning Made Easy through SparkRecipes

Mar 31, 2016 10:23AM ● Published by Matt Hill

As we all know, meal planning can become quite burdensome, so my wife and I decided to divvy up the responsibility. My first thought was to go online at a conventional website or to check out the stack of cookbooks we have, but I quickly realized that it was not as simple as I thought. It was pretty easy to find a dish with a recipe attached, but not with all of the real information that makes it a weekly plan based on various needs and wants. The time it took to find the right recipe was also quite lengthy. 

I decided to see what was available through the App Store, and I found SparkRecipes. Let me tell you—it is incredible! It allows you to easily choose meals in a simple manner, whether by course or dietary needs for example, and save it to a list. 

I really like the ‘browse by’ category option, where you can choose your dish based on type of meat, vegetarian, side dish options, desserts or appetizers. This option is such a timesaver, which I confess is probably just as important as nutrition to me. Each recipe has a complete list of ingredients, directions, nutritional facts, and a star rating complete with reviews, just like all of the conventional websites. For those of us that are culinarily challenged, me included, videos are available.

There are other recommended apps through SparkRecipes that can be of real value to everyday life, like their weight loss and fitness coach, or the pregnancy health and fitness app. Check out the free app and let us know what you think!

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