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Cozi App Keeps Info in One Easy-to-Access Location

Feb 26, 2016 05:37PM ● By North Hills Monthly magazine
By Eric Hill

Much of the time, staying on the same schedule as my wife and daughter can be difficult; with school, school events, soccer practice, ballet, jobs, nights out, etc.…sometimes we find ourselves fighting to fit things in and maintain a balanced home life.

Until recently, we mainly used texting, emails and various calendar invites to make sure that we didn’t miss things. But we found it tough on occasion because of the various avenues of communication and reminders; inevitably, we dropped a ball. 

I was turned onto an app called Cozi, which I found to be a great way to consolidate everything and corral all events into one location for easy reference on my iPhone. My wife and I (and soon our daughter from her iPad) can enter any and all events from our phones or computers. We can even see each other’s changes in near real time!

While it was initially just a way to keep all our daily activities in order, now we use it to make to-do lists, shopping lists, keep track of birthdays (this is fantastic because I’m terrible at remembering them) and even pictures that we can all see. The ‘Today’ screen is a nice overview of whatever is going on…well…today. At a glance, we can see everything we have going on that day. 

So now, rather than texts that end up getting buried, calendar invites that may or may not sync up to our computers or devices, emails that get lost among the clutter, and phone calls that I may or may not be able to take while I’m at work or on the road, we can all just open the app on our devices and see everything that is going on at a glance, including additions that we couldn’t share before. 

I’ve not been using this app for that long, so I can’t say that I’m even using it to its fullest potential, but I can tell you that it was a welcome addition to our daily lives and has made daily communication much easier.  

Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?