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Realtors Gail and Steve Carpenter Bring Clients, Industry Professionals Together to Build a Foundation of Trust

Feb 26, 2016 05:42PM ● By Vanessa Orr

L-R: Steve and Gail Carpenter, Northwood Realty: Kathryn Heinauer of Barrington Homes; homebuyers Michelle and Andrew Wiechkoske

While it’s always exciting to look for a new home, it can be a stressful time as well. There are so many different aspects that require buyers’ attention, from finding the right property, to securing the title, to applying for the correct loan. And if a prospective homeowner is considering building a house from scratch, there are even more issues to take into consideration.

Gail and Steve Carpenter of Northwood Realty understand that making so many decisions can be overwhelming, which is why they make a point of working with clients every step of the way. In addition to providing guidance whenever it is needed, they also work to nurture relationships in the industry—from loan officers to title representatives to builders and designers—in order to keep the lines of communication open between everyone involved.

“We believe in building a foundation of trust between all of the people involved in the process of helping our customers find their perfect homes,” said Steve Carpenter. “All of the pieces are important, and communication is an integral part of the process. By fostering these relationships, we can help fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Michelle Wiechkoske, and her husband, Andrew, know first-hand how helpful it is to have a realtor who is adept in all areas of real estate. While they had originally planned to buy a pre-existing home, they realized that to get everything they wanted, it made more sense to work with a builder and design their own house.

“My husband and I are not native Pittsburghers, having moved here in 2010,” explained Michelle Wiechkoske. “We worked with Gail and Steve then to find a home, and were really impressed by their professionalism and how they handled the process of selling us a house. When we decided to look for a new home, we called them again. We were sort of on the fence about building or buying a home, but when we didn’t find anything we liked, we decided to build with Barrington Homes.”

Gail Carpenter spent about a month showing the couple homes before they came to this decision, during which time she was able to hone in on exactly what the two desired. “Everyone comes with a wish list of what they hope to have and must have, and what would be optimal as far as features and locations,” she explained. “As you listen to your clients, you get to know what they are really looking for, and sometimes resale properties just don’t fit those needs. By the time they made their decision to build, they were comfortable that they had considered all of the other options.”

Gail was able to help the Wiechkoskes find a lot in Pine Township, and she worked with the couple and the builder to choose a floor plan and modifications that would make the home their own. They worked with Barrington Homes’ designer to choose cabinetry, flooring, lighting and more. “We don’t just drop the client off at the builders; we’re there to make sure that everything is communicated well and that there are no misunderstandings,” said Gail. “We do step back a little, but we want to make sure that we’re still present for whatever they need.”

While the Carpenters never specifically steer clients to a particular builder or lender, they do offer guidance as to reputable businesses in the area; for example, when clients are looking for a construction loan. “I’d been in the mortgage business for several years before joining Gail as a real estate agent, so I’ve had a lot of experience originating loans, including construction loans, which are inherently different than end loans,” said Steve Carpenter. “That enabled me to provide general guidance on how these types of loans differed, and the different stages involved.”

The Wiechkoskes chose First National Bank as their lender and worked with Assistant Vice President Harry Wargo to facilitate the process. “Things moved pretty smoothly because everybody was on the same page,” said Wiechkoske. “And everyone has been very receptive to our questions and concerns; they have gone out of their way to help.”

The Wiechkoskes are in the middle of the building process now and look forward to moving into their new home in late spring or early summer. In the meantime, the Carpenters are putting together a schedule geared toward selling the couple’s current home at the same time that they are moving into their new house. “We’re looking at days on the market for homes in their particular area, as well as how long properties need to be listed and advertised before coming under contract,” said Steve Carpenter of the importance of timing in such a transaction.

In addition to helping customers with custom build projects, the Carpenters also work in residential resale in all price ranges. “We do it all from luxury homes to fixer-uppers,” said Steve Carpenter, adding that they have recently diversified to offer vacation homes as well. They also help commercial clients looking to lease existing buildings, purchase land or construct their own buildings.

“No matter what a client is looking to do, our goal is to minimize the stress on everyone involved,” said Steve Carpenter. “It gives them peace of mind to know that we understand what they need and are always anticipating the next step.”

For more information about Realtors Gail and Steve Carpenter Northwood Realty Services 550 Adams Shoppes Mars, PA  16046 office: 724-741-2111 Gail’s cell: 412-585-1153 Steve’s cell: 412-585-4460

The information in this article was provided by Northwood Realty Services.