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February is Adopt-a-Shelter-Rabbit Month

Jan 29, 2016 05:24PM ● By Katie Kurylo
Our happy adoption ‘tail’ comes directly from a very pleased family that welcomed Ryan, a young rabbit who was transferred to Animal Friends from a partner organization. Before coming to us, he was known to avoid human contact at all costs as a result of a neglectful history. Now, we’ll let Ryan’s mom, Rachel, tell you about that…

“My boyfriend Alan and I had wanted to adopt a pet. We went to Animal Friends, not knowing what to expect, but checked out the rabbits they had for adoption. We found out about their BunRuns (free-roam bunny playtime) on Saturdays and went back a few times over the following weeks to be sure we were prepared to adopt a rabbit.

“Alan liked Ryan at first sight. The BunRun showed us Ryan’s true personality, and we saw that he was quite an assertive little rabbit! We decided that we wanted to adopt him. He was shy at first, but after a few days he warmed up. We have had him with us a few months now, and he is really sweet. He has become more social and will even jump up on the couch if he feels we aren’t giving him attention! We bought him a few tunnels to run through and he loves darting from in and out of them and jumping around the house.

“My favorite thing he does is at around 9 p.m., when he gets a handful of hay pellets before bedtime. He really enjoys this new brand of pellet we’re trying. In fact, he comes running out of nowhere and jumps all over us! If we’re not quick enough, he’ll put his head inside of the bag to grab the first bite!”

This February, we encourage you to visit any of our public BunRuns (happening every Saturday from 2:30-4 p.m.), sign up for a Bunny Yoga class (yoga class with the professionals—our very own shelter rabbits) or just come by the shelter and visit our rabbits. You may even end up taking one home with you!