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You’re Invited... to a Mock Wedding!

Jun 01, 2015 11:30AM ● By Veronica Tucker

Photo courtesy of Tracy Brien Photography

Bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, photographer, wedding gown, food, decorations, music, favors, cake! The long list of items which every bride and groom must tackle can be daunting. Nicole Brough is making this sometimes anxiety-provoking process not only less stressful but fun with a mock wedding.

Brough has worked with engaged couples since 2012, and her mission has been to help brides and grooms while also promoting local businesses. “I fell in love with helping connect brides with some of Pittsburgh’s most amazing entrepreneurs, who might otherwise go unnoticed,” she explained.

What began as an attempt to launch her own direct sales business to the bridal community morphed into much more. “I have developed my own wedding planning business, a wedding planning guide/magazine, wedding planning workshops, a new vendor advertising site to premier in fall 2015 and a mock wedding bridal show,” she said.

While serving as a wedding coordinator, Brough witnessed the stress that the planning process can create. “Often, couples spend so much time feeling overwhelmed by their engagement that they forget to enjoy that time together,”  she said, adding that she was determined to find a way to change that experience.

As the host of many bridal shows, she met numerous talented wedding professionals and wanted to do what she could to help their success as well. “I am always looking for new, creative ways to help my fellow wedding professionals have their moments in the spotlight,” she said. Combining these two facets led to the creation of the “You’re Invited!” Mock Wedding Bridal Show.

This event is like nothing else. The bride and groom experience every aspect of a wedding while being exposed to many vendors and services. “The Mock Wedding Bridal Show is a unique way for couples to go behind the scenes to witness all of the elements that go into the planning and execution of a wedding,” said Brough. Couples have the opportunity to sample a variety of foods, listen to music, view decorations, smell a variety of flowers and more.

“We are offering a one-of-a -kind sensory experience,” said Brough. “We have a linen and décor company set the stage, live musicians playing ceremonial music, a DJ to bring in the fun, a florist who provides our fashion show bouquets, cake and cookies from our favorite baker, and photographers and videographers who capture all of the amazing moments.

“We also have a catering company to provide savory treats, a makeup artist and hair stylist to help our fashion show models shine, a stunning venue and of course… a wedding planner!” she added.

So far, two mock wedding events have been held. The first, in January 2015, was hosted at Riverside Landings in Oakmont, and the second was at the Crystal Conservatories in Valencia in March 2015. Two to three more mock weddings will take place each year, showcasing different locations. The next event is planned for fall 2015, with information to come on Brough’s website.

As more couples become actively involved in planning their own weddings, the ability to make the planning process more fun and less complicated appeals to both the bride and the groom. “We want couples to enjoy their engagement as much as their marriage,” said Brough. “At the end of the day, we believe in ‘every dream for every bride.’”  

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